Introducing Family Support Partners

At Family Support Partners, we offer guidance and support to families who are experiencing difficulties with co-parenting, communication and visitation.

Your Family Support Partners are a group of professionals who are all Ohio Supreme Court trained. Family Support Partners will provide support to your families through Co-Parenting Classes, Supervised Visitation, Guardian ad Litem Services, Parent Coordination, Mediation and Parent Coaching. Together, we have extensive experience navigating the complexities of the Family and Juvenile Court Systems.

With our combined experience of over 50 years, we have a comprehensive understanding of the family court system that stems from multiple angles. Our unique experiences and insights allow us to offer holistic, child-focused services that can adapt to best suit your family’s needs while simultaneously striving to improve the overall system. 

We recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes, and that each child has the right to have a safe and loving circle of care. Our goal is to help alleviate stress and remove barriers that prevent families from moving forward.

We aim to promote and ensure the wellbeing of children, support and foster positive family relations, connect families to meaningful and relevant community resources, provide services with integrity, fairness, and accountability, and  maintain equitable, inclusive and anti-oppression oriented approaches to practice.

Given our vast experience and many resources available, we are not only able to assist children and their families in improving relationship, but our services will also benefit court systems and child protective agencies by helping to resolve cases efficiently and more effectively, with lasting results.