Mediation is a voluntary process in which a neutral third party assists the parties in communicating and negotiating an agreement in a confidential setting.  Mediation allows the parties to discuss their issues in a private, confidential setting. Mediation sessions last an average of two hours. Family Support Partners believes that mediation sessions are different for each situation and additional sessions can be added when necessary.  The benefits of mediation include, greater control over the outcome, reduced costs, additional support, faster outcomes and improved relationship between the parties. FSP allows you the choice of a mediator with whom you will feel most comfortable.

When you choose to proceed with mediation with Family Support Partners, your mediator will contact you to conduct a pre-screening questionnaire and hear about the issues to discuss.  When you schedule a mediation appointment, you will determine if you want to attend with or without an attorney and support person. Your mediator will inform you of any needed documents to bring with you.  If you come to an agreement, the agreement will be signed by all parties.